RATC/VTOC 140 #7 – Dragons Tooth

As I mentioned, in my last post, I added 20sh miles of the Va Tech Outdoor Club’s section to the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club challenge (RATC 120). I will now be doing at least 140 continuous miles in sections. All of RATC and at least some of Virginia Tech Outdoor Club sections. The 20sh mile Rice Fields section, is part of the Va Tech (VTOC) and in the middle of the RATC, so it makes sense. The 140 is continuous from Bland Va to Black Horse Gap VA.

Today’s section was 311/Dragons Tooth to 620/Millers Cove. This is a 7 mile section

We did an out and back for 14 miles. Another “backyard” local favorite. The famous Dragons Tooth section.

The group was Dru, Kathleen, Lisa Nielsen, Jack Bugo and Abby.

The weather was fantastic. Cold in the early morning, but not too cold. Sunny and clear. I had done this section before, but never in the winter. The views, with the leaves gone, was great.

We started at the Dragons Tooth parking lot on 311. We went up to Dragons Tooth, which is an amazing mountain top view, rock formation area. We then continued South toward 620/Millers Cove road. The part past Dragons Tooth had views the whole way. We were on a ridge and had views on both sides. The trail is pretty technical, rocky and slow. We came to the downhill part, going toward 620, then turned around at 620 and went back.

Abby, my dog, got separated from me twice. This has never happened before. The 311 to Dragons Tooth section is busy and has multiple turns and false turns. She got too far ahead and made a turn, then got confused where we were. The first time, I had to go back down Dragons Tooth, to get her.

The second time, a super nice lady called me and had her. Part of the story.

Jack and I parted ways, with the ladies, near the end. This was at the Boy Scout Trail intersection. We wanted to add this on to a local All Roanoke trails challenge.

I have not done the math yet, but probably have at least 35 miles left of the 140. I may also add the other VT section, which would make 150.

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