RATC 120 #6-Rice Fields 21sh mile section

RATC 120 #6 was the Rice Fields section, between Pocahontas Rd/460-Pearisburg to Stony Creek/Cherokee Flats. It was a 17 mile and almost 4000 foot climb trek. We staged cars, at both ends and did a point to point.

This section is actually maintained by Virginia Tech and is in the middle of the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club section. Fletch kept asking me about this, as he is extremely knowledgeable about tthe AT. I figured it was part of the 120, but it is not. My 120 challenge is now around a 140 challenge…RATC plus at least some of the VT section. From Bland to Black Horse is around 140.

This was one of the coldest long runs, that I have ever been on. This trek is on a ridge, for 12sh miles. It was super cold, already, but a big time windchill, on the ridge, added a ton. Had to be single digits, counting the ridge windchill. I left my beanie on for the first 12 miles or so. That is unheard head always gets hot. My hands were really cold also. I did wear shorts and, as usual, my legs never got cold.

The group was Emily, Rachel, Fletch, Huck and myself.

The climbing was deceiving. It did not seem like we were climbing as much, as what my watch was saying, in the early miles.

Highlights were the long Ridgeline, the Rice Fields shelter and the Swamp Branch shelter.

Great section and many thanka to Emily, Rachel and Fleth for arranging it.

We all went out to eat at Bluegrass BBQ in Pembroke, after. What a treat that was. Food and atmosphere is fantastic.

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