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RATC 120 #4 – 311 to 220 20sh miles

This section run, is a personal and local favorite..311 to 220. I have done this section many times and was my first real long trek, 9 or so years ago.

This section has the great McAfee Knob, Tinker Cliffs and Hay Rock views/rock formations.

A great group of Helen MacDermott, Jack Bugo, Greg James, Mike Daly, Bobby Walton and Justin Bower were together. There were several others friends out there, but doing different versions.

Luckily, Jeff Jones was nice enough to shuttle us from Daleville, to 311-McAfee lot. Thanks Jeff!

It was a great day. Fun and great weather, for late January.

311 to 220 is roughly 20 miles. Helen and I did a few more, after, but I had already completed those miles, for the challenge.

I now have around 58 miles completed, of the RATC 120 challenge. I have around 62 to go. I will be doing another 20 mile trek this weekend.