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My third trek on the RATC 120 (the 120 AT miles that the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club maintains) completion, was part of a great social group hike.

Amy Stone had set up the “Pints on the Porch” social hike, months ago. It fit in nicely, with my RATC 120 completion.

We shuttled cars and did a point to point hike, of 6 AT miles, from VA 311/McAfee lot to the Scout trail/Dragons Tooth lot. AT mileage 1481 to 1487.

What a pretty and nice December day! We met at 12:30 pm to shuttle cars and started around 1pm.

I did some trail work, that morning, on Sawmill Branch (in Carvins Cove and intersects with the AT). Ron Butler and I were assisting Josh Gilbert, on the trail project. I went straight from doing the trail work, to this hike. It was a bit much, but all worked out well.

Our social hike group consisted of Amy Stone, Kim Stafford, Molly Armistead, Jack Bugo, Taylor Stone, Brian Lang and Dave Mueller. Brian brought Jasper, a great one year old Labrador Retriever.

SO many leaves, covered most of the trail! Made for some slipping and mis-stepping.

Midway or so, we were behind the famed Homeplace restaurant. Many a thru hiker, has stopped here, for big time eats. It’s an old farm house set up, with homestyle meals.

View of another mountain, early on:

This ridge, that we were on, between 311 and Dragons Tooth is called Sawtooth Ridge.

We crossed 2 roads..785-Blacksburg Rd-4 miles in and 624-Newport Rd-6 miles in.

5 miles in is a creek and footbridge

There are a couple of big grassy field sections.

We finished up, on the Scout trail/Dragons Tooth lot. Great hike. We all went to Amy’s after, for food and drinks.

I now have 37 miles completed and 83 miles to go, for the RATC 120.