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RATC 120 #2

I decided the next section would be, starting from the top. The Northernmost point is Black Horse Gap. 13.5 AT miles south, is Daleville and route 220. Dru went with me this time. We met at the Valley Cleaners in Daleville. We left Dru’s car at the cleaners. The Appalachian Trail crosses 220, right beside the cleaners. Dru rode with me to Black Horse Gap.

Fairly cold day, but not bad at all. Rain was supposed to come in around 10:30am or so. We started at 7am.

Nice views, but they were all through the trees.

Still some leaf color out there, in spots.

First few miles were easy down hill, but lots of climbing after that.

Highlights were the 2 shelters..Wilson Creek and Fullhardt Knob.

Once we got to Fullhardt, it was around 6 miles mostly descent, back toward 220 and the car.

This is a tough hill, near route 11.

We crossed route 11 in Troutville and had to go under and beside I-81. This is an ugly and loud (cars on interstate) section.

We cruised on in, as the rain was starting.

Second run done. 31 miles down, 89 to go!

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RATC 120 #1

New multi adventure: I decided to do the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club 113, which is really 120 miles. I plan to complete it in sections…maybe 6 or 7.

The Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club maintains 120 miles of the AT. They give you a patch for completing their section. It has to be documented and you have to be a member of the club. Below is the patch I am working on getting.

I had just finished two big races. I had a 50k in October and a 50 miler in November. I had been thinking about doing this, so it was time to start on it.

My first section was an 18.5 mile section, near Newport VA. I reached out to a friend-Emily Hutchins, that lives out that way. She picked the section. Doing point to point runs are best, so we arranged to shuttle and stage cars. Emily’s husband-Jeremy, another friend of theirs-Skip and a mutual friend Erin went. Huck, Emily and Jeremy’s dog also went.

The section was route 42 to Miller Cove.

It was a cold morning! Jeremy is not trained up for 18 miles, so a third car was staged at the 11 mile mark. That gave anyone an out, for the 11.

Within a couple miles or so, we came across Keffer Oak, which I was not aware of. This is a beautiful, huge, OLD white oak. The second oldest oak, on the entire AT. It is around 300 years old, around 20 feet circumference and around 60 feet tall. The oldest is in NY.

The other big highlight was the Audie Murphy Memorial

Other highlights:

Eastern Divide sign

Niday shelter

Around 102 miles to go!